FujianKids helps orphaned children in northeastern Fujian Province get an education. These children are from remote mountain areas with no local schools, and their impoverished relatives can’t afford to pay their expenses at a residential school.

Without an education, these children have almost no chance to escape a life of poverty. You can help these children get an education and reach their potential by sponsoring their education.

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Our first high school graduates!
FujianKids began sponsoring education for orphaned village children in 2006. Now three of our first sponsored students have graduated from high school and have begun college or advanced vocational training. This is an amazing accomplishment for orphaned children from this area. Qiao is attending Fu'an Medical School, Xiao has begun her course in computerized accounting systems at Fujian Commercial College, and Jinqing is attending HwaNan College in Fuzhou. Congratulations, students!

You Can Change a Child's Life
Jinzhuotou school English classroom
September 2013 marks the fifth year FujianKids has supported the English classroom at Jinzhuotou village elementary school. In the cities, Chinese children begin studying English in third grade. But Jinzhuotou School had no English class, and when students transferred to middle school, they were completely prepared for the level of English taught there. In 2009, FujianKids began funding an English class at the Jinzhuotou school. We also provide students with additional English reading materials and study aids to use outside of class and during vacation.
Penpal program
What could be more exciting to a Chinese child in a tiny mountain village than receiving a letter from someone in America? Thanks to the students at a school in Austin, Texas, the students in the English classes at Jinzhuotou school receive and reply to letters from American students twice each semester.
Happy Birthday!
Most of the 142 students at Jinzhuotou school live at the school during the school year. Because transportation to their home villages is poor and expensive, many get to go home only for the major holidays such as lunar new year. While the teachers and dormitory staff do their best to fill the role of absent parents and relatives, it's not the same as being home. To provide some extra cheer for students, the school holds monthly birthday parties for students to celebrate, thanks to a FujianKids donor. Students have a special meal with a birthday cake, sing songs, and receive a gift.
A note about FujianKids. FujianKids began providing assistance to orphaned children in Fujian Province in 2002. Our initial work was with children in orphanages, and we supported foster care, medical treatment, and education programs within orphanages. Since then, government support of orphanages has increased over the years and a larger number of orphaned infants are now adopted by Chinese families. For these and other reasons, FujianKids now no longer works in orphanages and focuses instead on education of orphaned rural children. The need in orphanages remains significant, however, and people wishing to help orphanage children are encouraged to contact Love Without Boundaries, which has excellent medical and education programs in Fujian Province and elsewhere in China.